The JoT Integration Platform

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Real-time Connectivity in an IoT World

The JoT™ Platform gives your internal developers, power users, and 3rd-party partners the flexibility to create unique solutions, integrate 3rd-party apps and databases, and automate transactional processes using their preferred languages and tools. You access the vast power of the entire JoT™ direct selling platform through our fully cloud-based REST API.

A new world of opportunity awaits your imagination and creation, including these common initiatives in digital transformation:

Create carts, orders and interact with the eCommerce capabilities in the JoT™ omni-channel storefront to empower your salesforce to conduct their business anywhere, anytime through multiple channels of delivery.

Access the award-winning JoT™ AI engine to gain insights into real time commissions and earnings, manage the entire salesforce genealogy including new accounts, sponsorship changes, and much more.

Send and receive field and customer notifications from many areas of the business including product orders, shipping detail, rank promotions, and representative activities.

Build custom dashboards to include in the JoT™ websites or host them in your own website or device. The capabilities that JoT™ exposes allows developers and UX teams to remain focused on your top business priorities.

Increase field engagement and sales by acquiring critical business intelligence which enables all stakeholders to engage with, and collaborate on, essential data in real time.

Manage inventory, warehousing and pricing for all aspects of your catalog offerings. Create custom experiences simply and easily to leverage the scalability and flexibility of JoT™’s built-in internationalization.

In-depth Security is applied to the entire JoT™ API. Support for OAuth2 comes standard, allowing any registered client to easily authenticate with JoT or other third-party authentication providers.